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You are being rewilded at this time – guided to reconnect with your rebellious heart, a part of you that likes to break boundaries and transcend them. The Enchantress is the alpha female who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. She is untamed, unfiltered and unfettered. She is the guiding light. The original source. She represents the energy of the wilderness and the unknown, and encourages us to go beyond. Release the magician energy within and create what you need to express your real self, your true north.
Take control of your time because the life you want is here, now! Step into it. The summer collection of 2023 is intensely colourful, a vibrant palette, wild, like THE OMNI woman who likes to break the rules and live with authenticity. Soft dresses, for a silk embrace, loose that can be worn from morning to night and from spring to fall. Resort kaftans with handmade details that define a personal signature of style. Timeless and unique.

PHOTOGRAPHY: @kaplanidis
MODEL: Antonia El Ghali
AGENT: @athens_designers